ASOPRS Fellowship

The New York City ASOPRS Combined Fellowship has operated continuously since 1983.  The Fellowship is two year program under the aegis of the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery under the Preceptorship of Richard D Lisman MD based at New York University School of Medicine and Medical Center/Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital.  New York University houses the Institute of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (IPRS) within its Department of Plastic Surgery, where the Fellow has his or her own clinic and surgical patients interacting daily with the IPRS Fellows in Craniofacial Surgery, Microvascular Surgery, Aesthetic Surgery, 12 Residents in Plastic Surgery and the University’s 21 Residents in Ophthalmology.  The Fellow provides the teaching in Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery to the 21 Ophthalmology Residents at Bellevue Hospital and Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital. The Fellow rotates with Associate Preceptors at all major NYC Hospitals and the combined specialties of each Associate Preceptors provide full coverage of all aspects of the specialty-Drs. Beth Maher and Jim Milite at New York Eye and Ear Infirmary providing the largest clinic in Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery in the nation and an extensive Ophthalmic Trauma  Service. Dr Michael Kazim at Columbia provides  expertise in Orbit/Optic Nerve/Thyroid Ophthalmopathy. Dr. Gary Lelli at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center provides exposure to General Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery, combined multispecialty cases, trauma and a world-class Burn Center.  Dr. Lisman provides Aesthetic Surgery and Eyelid Reconstructive Procedures.  This combined program covers all aspects of Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery without any areas of the specialty being excluded due to lack of cases or expertise.  The Fellow  is exposed to over 2000 surgical cases and primary surgeon on over 1000 cases.  Under the heading of Surgical Logs is such an example of a recent Fellow’s experience.  Research is actively sponsored at NYU, Columbia and Weil Cornell Medical Centers and access is available to the Fellow at all three Institutions for clinical,translational, cadaveric and/or basic science work.  Research is funded by the Orbital Disease Education and Research Foundation.  This Program is a two year even year ASOPRS program and dovetails with an additional Fellow under Dr Michael Kazim’s new odd year ASOPRS Program so that there is always a first year fellow and a second year fellow in the two programs on site rotating amongst the five preceptors.